Novachord photos


Burnt out transformer
The infamous capacitors
The preamp
Glowing tubes
Oscillator dividers
The tone generator
Tone generator tubes
In pieces
Amp tubes
Man at work
PSU centre tag
PSU horror!!
PSU Rebuild
PSU transformers
Tube sockets
The vibrato unit
Safety first
Capacitance box
Lid open
First power up
The tone generator
Inrush limiter
New valves
New transformers
PSU first test
PSU in situ
New PSU wired up
Rebuilt PSU
Nova tuning
Tuning chokes
Vibrato module A
Vibrato module B
Jensen speaker
Valves in place
XLR line out
Control panel
The crate
The keys
The keyboard
Before and after
Transformer horror
Empty multi cans
Finished multi cans
Tube test
First glow
Generator heaters
Transformer hell
Hammond at work
Hammond logo
Hammond ad
Multicap gloop
Multicap yuck
Multicap scooping
Glowing PSU
Multicap guts
multicap sleeved
All glass PSU
PSU noise canelling
Partially done
Repaint PSU chassis
Revamped oil cap
Rewired choke
Sylvania valve
Transformer speccing




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